Table lamp made from hornbeam wood.


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The Dard is peculiar to the department of Vienne in France and recalls that of the alpine dragons. It is a serpent with four legs and a short viper’s tail and the head of a cat Peasants in Vienne claimed to recognize the dard’s likeness in the carvings of certain churches.

This piece of old hornbeam wood was found in the forest of Saint Ana Gorges, in Bucegi Mountains. It’s one of the places I hold most dear and close to my heart. The day I wound this piece was a winter evening and I strongly believe that a bear was nearby, although I couldn’t see or hear him. It just felt like that.



This fragment was not cut from a living tree. It was found dry, in the mountains.

This piece of wood needed cleaning, washing, brushing and sanding.

It was also treated against harmful insects, pests and mold.



  • Wood type: hornbeam
  • Dimensions: 30 / 16 /13 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Equipped with cable dimmer 100-240 volts and 10-150 W
    the lamp also comes with a 40W dimmable decorative Edison bulb.
  • Electric cable: 200 cm textile

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