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It’s a late summer evening and I’m hiking in Piatra Craiului. I decide to stop for a little break in a beech forest very dear to my heart. I sit on a tree trunk, my back towards the sunset. And then it hits me: a magnificent light show is happening right in front of my eyes.


The setting sun is casting its last golden rays on little branches swaying gently in the wind. Dots and lines are dancing in a complex silent movement.


I feel lost in the peace of the moment. As if I stand in front of a stage carefully lit by dozens of little lights in constant movement. 

To be able to bring home a glimpse of that timeless feeling, the gentle touch of the golden light on a late summer evening – it’s this I’m searching for in my work.


My name is Mircea Struțeanu. I am a photographer, a climber and a maker.


Photography made me see beyond the surface of things and become more aware of the surrounding Universe. It made me explore and want to capture the relationship between light and darkness, in particular the one found in the depth of the forest.


GLŌM is an old dream of mine coming to life: creating magic lamps out of branches and roots I find in the wild during my wanderings and trips around Romania. It came as an answer to nature’s call and my passion for wood and the golden hour.

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The searching, the finding and the making

We have a strong no woodcutting policy. GLŌM is a tribute to nature, so the wood pieces are taken out only from fallen trees, or very old ones. Some rare pieces were found miles away from any inhabited place, only by a strong sense of intuition.

The wood is handcrafted and treated against harmful insects or mold. We do not use any varnish for finishing, as we want to keep it as natural and true to its original form as possible.

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Every piece of wood we work with carries a little part of the forest. It comes with a story tightly linked to the place it grew up in, the life of the tree it came from and its age. We want to tell that story.

Each lamp, unique as it is, receives its own name inspired from the universal mythology. We give them names of gods or legendary creatures, associated with the wood it’s made of or the place it was found at.

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“GLŌM”, akin to “glōwan”, comes from old Scottish dialects of English and stands for “twilight” or “glowing”. It refers to the orange-pink glow that paints the sky shortly after the sun has set: that magical time before daylight shifts to the realm of night.