It started in the Forest

One afternoon, while I was coming down the mountain, on Moraru’s Valley, In Bucegi Mountains, after a free ride snowboarding day through the wilderness, I decided to take a short cut down, strait to Gura Diham. While I was descending, the landscape seemed to be changing. The slope was getting milder and some unusual hillocks started to show up and the trees were getting more and more rare. I felt lost in the peace of the moment.

Suddenly I saw a big brownish shadow moving fast from my right side and stopping in the very center of my view. It stopped from galloping and was staring right at me. It was a huge stag. It was blowing steam through his nose like some soft puffy cotton, dissolving slow into the cold air. After a few moments it started running again and quickly disappeared. Amazing thrills flooded me. The entire remaining day I felt so good that I completely forgot everything else.

I came to find these feelings more and more often, because I’ve learned how to get inside the nature of things and to become part of the whole.

My Dream 

Photography made me much more aware to my surrounding Universe and it made me see so much more. The relation between light and darkness inspires me the most, and how they make space one for the other.

Nowadays my madness is trying to bring out the amazing light from the forest’s world, to tame some unknown spirits. It’s an older dream of mine, for which I’ve been preparing for a long time.

The dream was to create magic lamps out of wood, branches and roots, found through the wilderness, around my journeys and explorations and bring them into a new light.

My name is Mircea Struțeanu.

About GLŌM 

Name meaning “GLŌM” or “gloam” means twilight, dusk. It comes from Scottish dialects of English, being similar to “glow”. It symbolizes that magical time just before the great shift between the world of daylight and the mysterious and uncertain realm of night.

GLŌM came as an answer to nature’s call, the passion for wood, forest and the golden hour.

GLŌM means creativity

GLŌM means exploring

GLŌM means sharing the magic

GLŌM means cherishing nature

The searching, the finding and the making – all this pieces of wood are considered to be forms in which the Spirit of the Forest chose to show itself.

Sometimes rare pieces like this were found at great distances from any inhabited places or even roads and they have been searched only through feeling and inspiration.

The wood is handpicked and handcrafted. If needed, it’s treated against harmful insects or pests and mold.

No woodcutting – GLŌM is a tribute to nature, therefore the wood pieces were taken out only from fallen wood, or old ones.

As nature is constantly transforming and so is our design.

Our Mission – light is known to have great power over our moods, feelings and states of mind and so we wish to make GLŌM be that light underneath which one feels home.