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All pieces of wood are considered to be forms in which the Spirit of the Forest chose to show itself. We tell their stories and bring them into a new light.

What we do

We create magic lamps from fallen wood found in the Romanian wilderness. 

Every lamp is unique, with an individual shape and a beautiful story we wish to express and then pass on to future owners.

A GLŌM lamp is a glimpse of the timelessness and peace of an old forest brought to your house. The light underneath which one feels home.

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Our Mission

We have a deep appreciation and respect for the forest and will never cut living trees. The wood we use for our lamps comes only from fallen or old trees.

We handcraft it, treat it against harmful insects or mold and put in a little bulb that recalls the warm light of a golden sunset. We keep it as true to its original form as possible, as we wish to make it be that little peace of nature inside your home.