Table lamp made from fir tree wood.


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In Norse Mythology Bifröst is the rainbow bridge that connects the world of men on Earth (Midgard) with the realm of the Aesir Nordic gods that live in Asgard. The bridge is described as the main way the Earth is connected with Asgard, and it’s used for transport of not only gods but also souls of men who have been proved worthy as warriors during their life to accompany Odin and other Nordic gods in the final “end times” battle during mythical event of Ragnarok.


I discovered this little piece of fir tree root while walking on the bear’s path, on the Burned Rock Mount. It was just next to the path, pretty dry, since it’s mother tree had fallen in a ravine and this piece remained stuck in the original place. It was sticking out like a natural handle.

This path is very special to me, because it’s very little known by people and I’ve never seen anyone walking on it in so many years. Some while ago, right next to this path I’ve seen the first wood grouse (heather cock), who was as surprised be my as I was by it.



This piece was not cut from a living tree. It was found detached to from it’s tree.

This little wood needed peeling, cleaning, washing, brushing and sanding.

It was also treated against harmful insects, pests and mold.



  • Wood type: fir tree wood
  • Dimensions: 30 cm long | 14 cm wide
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Equipped with cable dimmer 100-240 volts and 10-150 W

the lamp also comes with a 40W dimmable decorative Edison bulb.

  • Electric cable: 200 cm textile


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