Nyami Nyami


Table lamp made from willow tree wood found in the Danube Delta.

→ Dimensions: 16 | 13 | 10 cm

Weight: 0.7 kg

→ Equipped with a 40 W dimmable Edison bulb, a 10-150 W cable dimmer and a 200 cm textile electric cable.

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Nyami Nyami’s Story

The Nyami Nyami is known as the Zambezi River God, and the Tonga people of Southern Province believe it is their protector. According to legend, Nyami Nyami and his wife lived at the site of the Kariba Dam, whose construction in 1956 led to the tribe and their animals being displaced. 

This piece of willow tree wood was found close to Iacub Lake, alongside the small Iacub channel, in the Danube Delta. It was a quiet summer evening, from a rainy period with a mild wind, which kept most of the mosquitoes afar. Evening birds were singing and probably thousands of frogs were accompanying.


The Crafting Process

This piece of wood was not alive when we cut it.

It needed cleaning, washing, brushing and sanding. It was also treated against harmful insects, pests and mold. 



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