Fir tree wood suspended ceiling lamp with 4 light bulbs.


* personal delivery in Bucharest, because we like making friends; we could also instal the lamp, depending on the details.


The name of Leviathan comes from Hebrew Livyatan, in Jewish mythology, a primordial sea serpent. Its source is in pre biblical Mesopotamian myth, especially that of the sea monster in the Ugaritic myth of Baal.

This piece of beech wood was discovered during a hike exploration in Baiu Mountains, not far from Lent Lilies Clearing. It was attached to a huge beech tree which had been blown and pulled out by a storm. The old tree was still strong and green and it fell in such a way that he became a natural bridge over a creek, and so, while crossing on it, I saw this special piece of wood and decided to use my saw in order to salvage it from it’s end and continue the tale of it’s spirit.

It was taken on an normal summer day, except that the day seized to be normal anymore and became special and that summer felt more like spring.


This fragment was not cut from a living tree. The origin tree was found already fallen.

This fresh wood needed bark peeling and washing.


  • Wood type: beech tree
  • Dimensions: 94 cm long | 30 cm wide
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • The lamp comes also with 4 x 40/60W dimmable decorative Edison bulbs.
  • Electric cable: 95 cm long black
  • Black hanging chain: 80 cm long
  • Brazen ceiling canopy sconce mount with screw, ring and hook + 1 extra screw hook for ceiling wall


*upon request you may receive a white wall dimmer switch without further cost, since we strongly recommend using one, in case you don’t already have one installed.

*If you have any questions please call or email, or message on Facebook or Instagram.


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