Hy Brasil


Table lamp made from quince tree wood.


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Hy-Brasil is a mysterious island appearing on maps on the west coast of Ireland from 1325 to the 1800s. In Irish myth, it was said to be clouded in mist except for one day every seven years, when it became visible but still could not be reached. Stories about the island have circulated throughout Europe for centuries, with tales that it was the promised land of saints or a paradise where an advanced civilization lived.

This piece of quince tree wood was found in The Danube Delta, on the shores of Saint George’s branche. Probably it has been washed away by the waters, carried from who knows where. It was laying on the right shore, next to a huge green field with a lonely path which led to a lake. It was a spring day and there were many flowers and bees and birds around, making the whole place vibrant.


This piece was not cut from a living tree.

This piece of wood needed cleaning, washing and brushing.

It was also treated against insects and mold.


  • Wood type: quince tree
  • Dimensions: 26/18/14 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Equipped with cable dimmer 100-240 volts and 20-100 W

the lamp also comes with a 40W dimmable decorative Edison bulb.

  • Electric cable: 180 cm textile


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