Table lamp made from pine tree wood.


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Hlidskjalf is the name of the high seat of the god Odin, allowing him to see into all realms. Odin obtaining enhanced, divinatory perception, incredible insight, knowledge, and wisdom while on Hliðskjálf. They say whenever Allfather sits in that seat, he surveys all lands.

I found this piece of wood while walking though the woods of Buzau Mountains. I was passing thorugh a highly intense spiritual and energetic area there, called Cozana’s Clearing on my way to a little rock cave where a local monk lived and prayed – Dionisie. I was amazed by the conditions from where he lived and also by the view and atmosphere there. While descending from the cave I choose a different path, more abrupt and dangerouns, and it’s there where I found this piece of wood, part from a fallen piece of pine tree. I was surprised how easy was the cutting through the wood. The coulds were moving round.


This fragment was not cut from a living tree. It was found already broken from a tree.

This piece of wood needed peeling, cleaning, washing, brushing and sanding.

It was also treated against harmful insects, pests and mold.


  • Wood type: pine tree wood
  • Dimensions: 27 cm long | 14 cm wide
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Equipped with cable dimmer 100-240 volts and 10-150 W

the lamp also comes with a 40W dimmable decorative Edison bulb.

  • Electric cable: 200 cm textile


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