Fir tree table lamp.


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The name Heqet comes from a water goddess in the shape of a frog, who was also a goddess of fertility and creation in the ancient Egyptian mythology. She was considered a child of Ra. She originally appears in the pyramid texts where she helps the pharaoh ascend into the sky. She was thought to be the wife of Khnum, the god who created men on his potter’s wheel, and she gave the newly created being the breath of life before the child was placed to grow in the mother’s womb.

This piece of wood was taken in a spring day afternoon, from the slopes of the wild Vânturiș Valley, in Bucegi Mountains. Although it was pretty warm outside, there was still a lot of snow covering the forest ground. As I was following a wild animal’s track I came across a young and thin fir tree, which was broken, strongly leaning to one side. It’s shape caught my eye and as I was getting closer I noticed a powerful bend around it’s half. I decided to take it with me and turn it into this lamp. Just a few minutes after, I saw the first clear and fresh footprints of a wild cat.


This piece was not cut from a living tree.

This piece of wood needed cleaning, washing and brushing. It was also treated against insects and mold.


  • Wood type: fir tree wood
  • Dimensions: 22 cm long | 17 cm wide
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Equipped with cable dimmer 100-240 volts and 20-100 W

the lamp also comes with a 40W dimmable decorative Edison bulb.

  • Electric cable: 180 cm textile


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